Asus Introduced ROG Keris II Ace – Wireless Gaming Mouse

Asus has introduced the ROG Keris II Ace gaming mouse. The weight of the device, designed for right-handers, is only 54 grams. The mouse supports wired and wireless operating modes.

Keris 2 Ace is equipped with a ROG AimPoint Pro 42K optical sensor with a resolution of 42,000 DPI and a maximum tracking speed of 750 IPS. This sensor provides accurate tracking with a minimum deviation of less than 1%, and Glass Tracking Technology ensures accurate tracking on a variety of surfaces.

The mouse is equipped with the ROG Polling Rate Accelerator, which provides polling rates of up to 8000 Hz in wired mode and 4000 Hz in wireless mode. This technology reduces input latency to 0.125 milliseconds, providing faster and more accurate response during critical moments in the game.

The mouse can be connected via 2.4 GHz wireless, Bluetooth and USB, and ROG Omni technology supports multi-device pairing. Additionally, SpeedNova Wireless Technology optimizes wireless data transmission to reduce latency and eliminate signal blocking.

ROG Keris II Ace will be available in black and white versions. The manufacturer did not disclose the cost of the new product.

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