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ChatGPT Learnt To Read Aloud Responses To Queries

OpenAI has added a Read Aloud feature to its ChatGPT AI bot, which responds to user queries using one of five voices.

OpenAI’s new read-aloud feature for ChatGPT can come in handy when users are on the go, reading responses in one of five voice options out loud to users. It is now available in both ChatGPT web and ChatGPT apps for iOS and Android.

Read Aloud can read in 37 languages ​​and automatically detects the language of the text. This feature is available for both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5. This is an interesting example of OpenAI’s multimodal capabilities (the ability to read and respond using more than one medium), introduced shortly after competitor Anthropic added similar functionality to its AI models.

In mobile apps, users can touch and hold text to open the Read Aloud player, where they can play, pause, and rewind audio. The web version displays a speaker icon below the text.

Finally, OpenAI began testing the ChatGPT memory functions. Now the chatbot can be asked to remember or forget what it already remembers. The company is committed to making integration with ChatGPT more efficient and user-friendly.

OpenAI’s revenues exceeded $2 billion from the river bank. The success of its flagship product ChatGPT has made the company one of the largest growing technology companies in history.

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