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The First Tesla Cybertruck Rolled Off The Assembly Line In Texas

At the Giga Texas plant in Texas, the United States produced the first electric pickup truck from Tesla – Cybertruck. The corresponding message was published on the company’s Twitter.

The first Cybertruck manufactured in Giga Texas is believed to represent the production model that Tesla used to create the most efficient manufacturing method on an industrial scale.

Although several changes have been made to the design, it is expected that some of the characteristics of the car, which were announced during its presentation, will be implemented in the production version. These include a payload capacity of 1,600 kg, a pulling capacity of 3,400 to 6,300 kg lbs depending on the variant, and 2.8 cubic meters of external storage.

The Cybertruck electric pickup truck was first introduced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in November 2019. The event was remembered for the fact that the billionaire decided to personally test the strength of the glass of the electric car and eventually damaged one of them.

It was originally planned to start mass production of new items in 2021.  However, Musk regularly pushed back the start of production. At the beginning of 2023, he assured that the first electric pickups would roll off the assembly line in mid-2023, and mass production would begin closer to 2024.

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