Nintendo Reveals New Switch Joy-Con Colors

Nintendo has just introduced new colors for their Joy-Cons. Many innovative controller designs for the Switch have a special place in the hearts of collectors. Some fans love the ability to personalize their system with a plethora of options, color schemes, and styles. Not to mention, the small design makes it easy and convenient for gamers to store and carry the controllers.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers remain one of the most beloved in the Nintendo family due to their valuable features. They are sleek and flexible and work in both vertical and horizontal positions, attached or detached from the console. In addition, they are very easy to charge.

Last month, Nintendo announced that it would repair all Joy-Con controllers that suffer from drifting in the UK and European Economic Area, even if they are out of warranty.

The only exception to this is when a third party accessory caused the problem, if it was caused by accidental damage or negligence, or if someone had already opened the controller to try and fix the stick.

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