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LOCKHEED MARTIN Will Create Lunar Infrastructure

Lockheed Martin has officially announced the creation of a new subsidiary, Crescent Space Services, which will focus on the development, production and maintenance of the infrastructure necessary for lunar colonization. The company is very optimistic about the development of space programs in the field of colonization of various planets and satellites, currently relying on the lunar economy.

Landon attributed the creation of Crescent to changing demand from customers. According to him, over the past ten years, the corporation’s clients have begun to move from buying spacecraft to buying infrastructure capabilities. “Lockheed Martin has traditionally been a technology developer and manufacturer of really great systems.  But what we needed and what the market really wants is service,” he says.

Starting with the creation of the Parsec network, the company intends to continue to provide other infrastructure services such as power and mobility. These services are likely to complement existing Lockheed projects, such as the joint development of an autonomous lunar rover with General Motors, as well as other space programs.

Lockheed Martin said that recently the demand for infrastructure to create a full-fledged lunar economy has increased greatly, but at the same time, customer requests have changed a lot. If earlier customers bought spaceships, technologies, developments, lunar rovers and infrastructure elements, now they prefer to buy the opportunity to use this infrastructure.

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