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The Creators of “M3GAN” Will Release Horror Games

Blumhouse Productions, the film studio behind M3GAN, is expanding and plans to release video games for PC, consoles and mobile devices. It’s about horror games.

The company was founded in 2000 and has many of the most popular films of the last twenty years to its credit. We are talking about the films “The Judgment Night”, the new parts of “Halloween”, “Escape”, awarded the “Oscar” for the best original screenplay and many others.

Blumhouse Games will partner with independent developers to fund and publish “original horror games for consoles, PCs and mobile audiences.” The approach to budgets will be the same as for movies, less than $10 million. Leading the initiative is Zach Wood, who boasts an impressive track record in the gaming world: he was the producer of The Unfinished Swan at Sony Santa Monica, the Prey: Mooncrash add-on at Arkane, Twisted Metal at Eat, Sleep, Play, Inc. Don Sehler, who until recently led the business operations, planning and strategy department at PlayStation, has been named Chief Financial Officer.

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