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MSI Router With Auto-Moving Antennas And WiFi 7 

MSI unveiled a smart router at CES 2023 equipped with antennas that dynamically follow certain devices as you move around your home.

Dubbed the RadiX BE22000 Turbo, MSI’s premium Wi-Fi router comes with just about every feature you can think of to give you the fastest wireless speed possible. Although the standard is still under development, RadiX is not only designed to support Wi-Fi 7, it also includes MSI AI QoS technology, which can reduce your ping while gaming or prioritize different types of content, such as video streaming, one  by pressing a button. And thanks to its 320MHz bandwidth, MSI claims that the BE22000 delivers 4 times the throughput of a conventional Wi-Fi 6 router.

But what really sets the RadiX apart is its antennas, which, unlike almost all other routers are able to automatically adjust their position, following a particular device as it moves around the house, to ensure optimal wireless coverage.

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