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 Netflix Launches Its First In-House Game Studio

Netflix has announced the start of construction of its own game studio in Helsinki, Finland. This was reported in a press release on the official website of the company.

Netflix Games Studio is built on top of Next Games, Night School Studio, Boss Fight Entertainment to combine their potential and leverage the powerful corporate resources of Netflix to further market.

It is known that the management of the studio is entrusted to Marco Lastikka, who has worked successfully in Electronic Arts and other major companies from the world of the gaming industry. This will ensure the necessary efficiency of work.

It must be recognized that in the context of the global crisis, when consumers are reducing their own spending on entertainment, many companies are seeking to abandon non-core activities. In such conditions, Netflix continues to work in the gaming segment, which indicates that the company has serious plans in this area.

So far, Netflix has focused on the mobile gaming segment, but with the development of the streaming service, it is highly likely that gaming products will appear in this segment as well.

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