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Amazon Expands Its Quantum Efforts 

Amazon announced a new attempt to bring quantum computing to its cloud, at least in the long term. The company today launched the AWS Quantum Computing Center, a new research venture that aims to jointly advance the science and technology of networking quantum computers to both create more powerful multi-GPU computing networks and secure quantum communication networks.

Amazon and its cloud computing division AWS have made a number of major investments in quantum computing in recent years. With Amazon Bracket, the company offers developers access to quantum computers such as IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Rigetti and D-Wave, as well as other software tools and simulators. In addition to this, the company is also already running two other research initiatives: the AWS Quantum Computing Center in Pasadena, California, which focuses on basic science such as building better qubits and error correction algorithms, and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, which focuses on helping  enterprises to prepare for the future of quantum computing.

In essence, while Braket and the Quantum Solutions Lab are focused on short-term practical solutions, the Center for Quantum Computing and now the Center for Quantum Networks are focused on long-term research.

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